Water Safety Resources

Coach Caron is the author of Water Safety with Swimmy, Swimmy's Water Safety Coloring Book, and the Water Safety Activity Kit

Why Coach Caron writes

Coach Caron has spent several years teaching water safety rules to children.  When she found out the children were not able to remember the rules, she decided to write Water Safety with Swimmy which is a great story book that teaches 10 rules everybody should follow around the water.  From there, Coach Caron decided to create Swimmy's Water Safety Coloring Book, and a Water Safety Activity Kit to teach children who learn better by doing activities the rules about being safer around the water.

Coach Caron believes the water should be an escape and a safe place for everyone and therefore she writes the water safety books for children so they can be safer around the water and so their parents will have an easy way to teach the children about water safety.

How to Purchase

All of Coach Caron's Water Safety Resources are available at