2018 WZID Outstanding Woman Award Recipient, NDPA Lifesaver of the Year Nominee

Swim Coach Caron

Swim Instructor

Coach Caron teaches adults how to swim under the business name of Winning Swimming LLC.  "We start with water acclimation and move onto survival swim, then add on to freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly." says Coach Caron.  She specializes in teen and adult learners and people who have a fear of water.

To learn more about lessons for teens and adults, click below for Winning Swimming's Learn to Swim program.

Swim Coach

Coach Caron helps competitive swimmers and multisport athletes excel in the swim with instruction which concentrates on technique first and then moves on to power, speed, and endurance.  "With a firm grasp in technique, the remainder of the goals will fall into place." says Coach Caron.  

She uses tools like a stationary pool driven by a current, video cameras, mirrors, nutrition counseling, success coaching, and other services to help her clients meet their goals.  There are in person options at Winning Swimming and online courses at Winning Swimming University to meet everyone's needs.

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