2018 WZID Outstanding Woman Award Recipient, NDPA Lifesaver of the Year Nominee

Swimming and Water Safety Expert for the Media

Media Experience

Coach Caron serves as a media expert for reporters across the country.  Here are some examples:


Appeared as a guest on Gate City Chronicles and New Hampshire Chronicle 


Appeared as a guest on David and Friends on WTYM, repeatedly with Neal and Marga of WZID, with Guy Wehman of WENG, and repeatedly on The Ed Tyll Show.  

Do you want an example of what my radio interview might sound like?  Listen to my interview on WZID here.


Catching Your Passion Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3; Interview with Danette Kubanda


Contributed to articles in Parenting NH, other publications in New Hampshire, and AccuWeather.com as well as being published in Triathlete Magazine.  Wrote "Swimming into a Healthier and Happier Retirement" for Experience Magazine.

Coach Caron believes everybody should have the opportunity to be safer around the water through water safety education and swim instruction.  She would love to have the opportunity to keep your audience safer around the water.

To have Coach Caron appear on your show or contribute to your article, Contact Me

"A great guest on the Ed Tyll Show" Ed Tyll

"Coach Caron…so much good stuff!” David from the David and Friends show on WTYM AM 1380    

Absolutely GREAT!! Guy Wehman of WENG


Coach Caron has spoken on topics such as:

  • Keep Your Child from Becoming a Drowning Statistic   3 ways to teach your child to be safer while having fun.  
  • 10 Water Safety Rules You Need to Know   From the bathtub to the beach, your family will be protected.  
  • Watch Your Children Around the Water   6 simple rules for watching water activites effectively.  
  • Does Your Child Know How to Swim?   Know when you should be in the pool, at arm’s reach, or watching from the side. 
  • Emergency Response   5 Basic techniques you should know to save a life.  
  • Call 9-1-1...NOW!   Seconds count! Know when you need emergency medical professionals.  
  • Which Swim Class is Best?   3 Types and their best fit for your age, personality, and ability.  
  • Most Triathletes are not Great Swimmers   Coach Caron’s technique tips to improve time and efficiency.  
  • From Pool to Open Water   7 Steps you can take to swim fearlessly.     

Media Profile

Carolanne Caron, a/k/a Coach Caron, is an author, speaker, swimming and water safety expert who gives people the best chance to excel in the water through a process of learning she developed based on the best teaching techniques in the world.  


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* Overcoming Fear of Water

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