2018 WZID Outstanding Woman Award Recipient, NDPA Lifesaver of the Year Nominee


Coach Caron's Workshops, Seminars, and Addresses are not to be missed!

Coach Caron brings a fun, interactive, and educational aspect to every presentation she does. Each subject is presented in a memorable and highly applicable way so it can be applied after the participants leave. She has been proclaimed as the best speaker on the subject of Water Safety by parents and childcare providers in the State of New Hampshire and is available for keynotes, breakout sessions, group gatherings, and special events in the greather New Hampshire area and across the world.  Her most popular areas of interest are:

Presenting the important topic of staying safer around the water while still having fun to:

  • Parent’s Groups, 
  • Childcare Centers, and
  • State and National Childcare Associations.

     Everyone is at risk around the water (even Olympic athletes) and children are constantly around water from baths to using the bathroom and beyond.  Let Coach Caron take this serious topic and present it in a fun and memorable way to your group today.

Inspiring athlete development, both physically and mentally for:

  • Athlete Conferences, 
  • Triathlon Clubs, and
  • Sports Teams.   

     Athletes want to have fun but perform at their peak all the time.  Let Coach Caron present the techniques needed for mental and physical success in an interactive and memorable way to promote immediate results.

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Popular Topics

Coach Caron speaks to organizations around the world about:

Water Safety Certification for Childcare Providers  

· New Hampshire Regulations for Water Safety  

· Recognizing a True Emergency and When to Call 9-1-1  

· Basic Rescue Skills   

     For More Information, click here.

Water Safety Blueprint for Parents and Caregivers  

· Be an Effective Water Watcher  

· In our Out of the Water?  

· Teach Before You Go  

· Recognizing the True Emergency 

Water Safety Fun for Children   

·  Know the Rules

·  Have Fun Learning

·  Look, Listen, and Interact to be Safer Around the Water

     To learn more, click here.

Swim Fearlessly  

· What are You Afraid Of?  

· “Clear the Fear” Tools  

· From Negative Experiences to Positive Affirmations    

Exceptional Swim Techniques for Athletes Series

· Eliminate Drag and Create Propulsion  

· Transition from Pool to Open Water  

· Create the Mindset to Empower Your Swim     

Other Topics


 "Coach Caron does a terrific job communicating how to make your stroke stronger and more effective.  The swim evaluation is a great learning opportunity at the end as well."  Heather R.

I feel so much better about being in and near the water.” Attendee, Race Mania, Multisport Conference 


“It was very informative both as a child provider and as a parent/grandparent. It was so much better than previous presentations.” Attendee, New Hampshire Association for the Education of Young Children Conference 


“I loved Coach Caron. I learned far more in her class than any other water safety classes I’ve taken.” Attendee, Early Learning New Hampshire Conference